Ensure Fire Safety: Install and maintain a suitable fire alarm system

Why install a Fire Alarm System?

Apart from prevention, a fire alarm system is the first line of defence in preventing the devastating affects a fire could have on your business.Early identification and warning of a fire, gives people time to escape to safety and can give fire-trained personnel or the fire brigade the opportunity to tackle a blaze before it gets out of hand.Installation of a suitable fire alarm system may also reduce insurance premiums.

Do we need a Fire Alarm System?

If you operate from business premises, you have a 'duty of care' to ensure fire safety to safeguard your staff, visitors, customers and residents. A 'Fire Risk Assessment' should be carried out on the premises which will identify what form (if any) of fire detection is required.

Where can I get advice on Fire Alarm Systems?

Our team at Ensure Fire Safety have extensive experience, training and knowledge of current requirements and legislation which means that we are able to offer our customers the advice that suits their specific requirements. We supply and install equipment from all of the leading manufacturers, enabling us to give our customers unbiased advice on the hundreds systems and brands available in today's market.

We design, install and maintain the full range of system choices:



We offer a free, no obligation site survey, where our knowledge of current legislation and the recommendations contained in BS5839 Pt1 (which forms the basis of all recognised fire alarm systems), means that our advice will offer you the type of system best suited to your needs and budget.

Our engineers are Fire Industry Association trained and certified in installation techniques and standards. We pride ourselves that our installations are carried out to the highest standards. We liaise closely with our clients to enable us to gather the information needed to cause the least disruption possible to the running of your business.

Maintenance/periodic servicing:
Our engineers are Fire Industry Association trained and certified in Fire alarm maintenance techniques and standards. We believe our pricing is very competitive and is, if carried out with servicing of other fire safety equipment (extinguishers and/or emergency lighting), very cost effective.

What type of systems are available?

There are several system types available to suit specific requirements and budgets:

Conventional systems:
Manual and automatic devices wired to a fire alarm panel. Activation of a device will switch the panel to 'alarm', sounding warning alarms and identifying the area of the activated device through effective 'zoning' of the system. Suitable for the majority of buildings requiring fire alarm coverage.

Addressable systems:
The same principal as conventional systems, except that each device has an 'address'. The 'address' of an activated device is identified on the fire alarm panel, enabling very early location of an activated device. Ideal for larger, complicated buildings or buildings where early location of a fire is vital, such as large office blocks, hospitals or hotels.

Radio/wireless systems:
The same principal as conventional and addressable systems, except the devices are linked to the fire alarm panel through radio signals rather than 'hard wired'. Ideal for listed buildings, where cable runs could be problematic or where the retention of décor is a high priority.

Aspirating/air sampling systems:
State of the art systems that draw air from the protected area, which is scanned to look for smoke by passing it through a laser beam. These systems can identify the smallest particles of smoke to give the earliest possible warning of a fire. Ideal for business critical areas, where a fire could seriously damage the running of a business, such as server or comms rooms.


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