Ensure Fire Safety: Install and maintain fire extinguishers

Should a small fire break out at your business or property, fire extinguishers, properly used, could prevent the fire getting out of control before fire-fighting services arrive.We would recommend that every business property have at least one fire extinguisher. Our engineers are 'Fire Industry Association' trained and certified in the selection, installation and maintenance of portable extinguishers in line with the recommendations in BS 5306 Pts 3 & 8.

‚ÄčDifferent materials burn in different ways (wood burns differently from gas, gas burns differently from petrol).

Therefore materials have been classified into groups:

    Class A: Organic materials, (wood, Paper, Textiles etc)

    Class B: Flammible Liquids, (petrol, oils, solvents etc excluding cooking oils-see Class F below)

     Class C: Flammible Gases, (butane, methane etc)

    Class D: Metal fires

    Class E: Electrical Fires

    Class F: Cooking Oil Fires

Different classes of fire require different types of extinguishers.

*Warning: Using the wrong fire extinguisher on the

wrong class of fire could be dangerous.*

Selection and installation:
Our FIA trained engineers will assess the fire risks of a building or property and recommend the correct types and number of extinguishers to reduce the risks.

To comply with BS 5306 Pt3, all new extinguishers should be commissioned into service (installed by a competent engineer).

Commissioned extinguishers are then usually wall mounted to be visible and readily available, whilst out of the way enough to not be in danger of being knocked by passing foot traffic.

ID signs are required above each extinguisher to identify:

  • the extinguisher type
  • the classes of fire it can be used on
  • The clasess of fire it shouldn't be used on.

Maintenance/periodic servicing:
Our engineers are FIA trained to carry out fire extinguisher services in line with BS5306 pt3 recommendations. We believe our pricing is very competitive and is, if carried out in conjunction with the servicing of other fire safety equipment (fire alarms and/or emergency lighting), very cost effective. Any extinguishers that fail a service will be identified to the customer with an explanation as to why they failed. Our engineers carry spare extinguishers, which, with the customers approval, we will replace where required during the service (negating the need for costly re-visits).

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