Ensure Fire Safety: Provide fire safety training for your employees.

Businesses spend a lot of money installing fire safety equipment to keep people safe. However, all of this equipment could be rendered useless if employees have no fire safety training. Deaths, injuries and the destruction of many buildings through fire have been due to employees not having the proper training in diligence, maintenance, actions and reactions concerning fire and fire safety equipment.

Given that different businesses have very different risks (a care home generally has many more risks than most office blocks).

'Our courses are tailored to each businesses specific requirements​'.


The basis of our bespoke courses is to give employees, fire wardens and fire marshals an understanding of:

  • What is fire?
  • What daily actions can they take to reduce the risk of fire?
  • What actions to take on discovering a fire.
  • What actions to take on hearing the fire alarm.
  • How to safely evacuate the building and if assigned to do so, help others evacuate the building.
  • How to select and use a fire extinguisher (practical demonstration).

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