System Design                                                                             

As an independent fire protection company we work closely with the manufacturers of the equipment that we install and, we are committed to the supply and installation of UK manufactured open protocol fire detection and alarm systems which provides our customers with peace of mind that their system is not tied to one organisation or service provider.

Advantages of Open Protocol Systems:

  • Independent choice of installer and service provider
  • System upgrades are not restricted to one organisation
  • Maintenance contract can be tendered competitively
  • No dependency on one supplier or organisation                                                  



Design Considerations

The design and type of fire alarm system suitable for a building depends on the structure and use of the building and current legislation. New and altered buildings require approval with the local building control and existing buildings, with the exception of domestic premises, are to be compliant with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the required fire risk assessment. The required fire risk assessment will establish the type of system that is suitable for the risk in accordance with the appropriate British Standard.

Our experienced design team are able to advise you on the types of systems available to suit your specific fire risk in accordance with current legislative and British Standard requirements.

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